LabVantage Solutions Launches Full-Featured, Self-Service Advanced Analytics Solution – Labmate Online

LabVantage Solutions, the leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services, introduced LabVantage Analytics – a full-featured, self-service advanced analytics solution that is fully integrated into the LabVantage LIMS platform. 

Users can easily explore, analyse, and visualise LIMS, enterprise, and external data in an integrated platform to gain actionable business insights. Designed by analytics industry experts, LabVantage Analytics seamlessly integrates with all elements of LabVantage LIMS, providing a single user interface from which they can access, customise, and modify the information they need without delay.

As a turnkey application, LabVantage Analytics leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to deliver a comprehensive, in-depth view of laboratory operations. It analyses both structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources, combining data ingestion, pre-processing, storage, analysis, and visualisation into a single application. 

For more information on adding advanced analytics to your lab operations, download our white paper.



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